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Safety Information

All the products sold on this site are not toys and are intended for decorative purposes only.  


Please ensure the item is hanging securely and well out of reach of children. 


My products contain string and small parts (such as buttons/brads), which could be a safety hazard, particularly to small children.


For my garlands, please do not remove the individual decorations from their hanging string under any circumstances.


If hanging one of my products in a nursery or children's room, please ensure that it is out of reach from your child in the cot, especially when your child learns to stand.

Product Information

All the products on this site are designed using my own original patterns and are all cut and stitched entirely by hand. 


Due to the handmade nature, no two products will be identical and there may be some slight differences in the expression/shape/size of your decoration.



If you have any questions about safety or product information that I haven't answered above, please contact me.

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