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Fox Family Garland

Fox Family Garland


Families come in all shapes and sizes and so do these Fox Family Garlands. 


There is a Mama Fox, Papa Fox and a Baby Fox to choose from. For a custom order to suit a specific family, just select the number of foxes in the dropdown and let me know which foxes you would like in your garland. 


To make your garland extra special add embroidered names for the baby foxes. Available as a separate product in the shop.

  • SIZE

    Length of garland (with 4 foxes): 76cm

    Papa Fox:  height - 11cm, width - 7cm
    Mama Fox:  height - 11cm, width - 7cm
    Baby Fox:  height - 9.5cm, width - 6.5cm


    The foxes are on a cotton string with a simple loop at both ends so that you can hang your garland.

    As each decoration is made entirely by hand, there may be some very slight differences in the expression/shape/size of your garland.


    • This product is not a toy and is intended for decorative purposes only
    • Ensure the item is hanging securely and well out of reach of children
    • Items contain small parts

    More information on safety

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